MotoBailey Kevlar Shoes (From )

MotoBailey are a relatively new company, based out of Texas. Their mission was to create a safe motorcycle shoe that you could wear to an office job or down to the local restaurant or bar. They achieved this by incorporating a Kevlar lining under the outer layer of imported full grained French leather.

Apart from the Kevlar lining, each shoe has a reinforced shift pad, built-in PU ankle protection and a high grip sole. I personally have ruined a few pairs of shoes using the gear shifter so it makes sense to have some extra reinforcement here. I’ve been riding with these boots on and off for a few months and have found them super comfortable and hard wearing. My only gripe with them is the model I have been using which is called the ‘LaRyder’ only has three holes for laces and it feels like they should have another one higher up the ankle for more support and a tighter fit. But it looks like their other style, the ‘ElBulli’ (dark brown) has the extra support, which would be my pick.