When it comes to motorcycle boots, it’s always the same; if they are functional and protective they generally look like if they were meant to climb the Everest or collect clams from the seabed. But on the other hand, we all know that our Vans won’t last very long if we’re sliding over tarmac and that the weight of a Red Wing can snap our bones and tendons in a blink of an eye. Further, anyone expected to dress neatly for work or planning to have dinner at a fancy restaurant knows that high-tech Alpinestars don’t match with a smoking.


Blake Bailey from Moto Bailey Shoe Company was faced with the same problem when he decided to take the reins into his hands and design a pair of shoes that meet his own expectations. Despite an increasing variety of good-looking retro boots, Blake wanted something else and came up with a protective motorcycle boot that looks pretty similar to a classic Desert Boot. But the fact that it is Kevlar-lined throughout the entire shoe makes it unique. Now, we all know about the merits of this fabric and some of us might even owe their smooth and silky skin on their butts to this stuff. The idea of lining a shoe with Kevlar-fabric allows designing a discreet and elegant boot that offers full protection on your bike.


Besides that, Motor Bailey Shoe Company managed to integrate highly comfortable insoles like the ones we know from athletic running shoes so these boots are comfy AND safe. They are designed to sit just above the ankle yet look lower to the eye. Polyurethane inserts protect your ankle in the worst case while a pliable crêpe-style outer sole guarantees you a solid standing on any surface. An additional, reinforced shift-pad on top of the shoes keep the gear lever from tearing them up.


The shoes are hand-made from imported, French leather and come with a 220 USD price tag for the dark brown (EL Bulli) or the Tan model (LA Rider). So, from now on there are no more excuses for not riding your bike to the gourmet restaurant or your wedding.

Get them HERE, on Moto Bailey Shoe Company’s website.